How to Create Opportunities for New Business By Phone

webinar with
Sharon Gaskin

Picking up the phone and talking to people, especially people you already know is one of the most effective ways of creating potential opportunities for new business. Yet it’s also one of the least used……

If you:

  • Lack the confidence to pick up the phone and talk to prospective clients about your business

  • Consistently avoid making calls because you’re frightened of appearing pushy or you worry about what people might think of you

  • Don’t really know what to say and how to gain people’s interest

  • Are concerned about rejection


Then this Webinar is for you!

On this Webinar I’ve joined forces with Telephone Sales Coach Audrey Bodman. A trainer with over 20 years experience in making ‘first’ calls otherwise known as ‘cold calling’. She’s been an independent trainer herself for over 20 years and has delivered training for many different organisations large blue chip and SME’s. Past and present clients include Capita, Scope, American Express, Yankee Candles, Babcock, Mencap, learndirect, Thorntons, Royal Bank of Scotland to name a few.

She has a passion for making calls, so much so she still makes 60-70 new calls per month as she feels it’s important the techniques she shares with delegates are current and not dated. With her belief that making calls is all about ‘building relationships’ she continues to convert those who previously had a negative mindset about using the phone to individuals who really see the benefits of consistently making a small number of calls to their potential market place.

In this practical 60 Minute training session you’ll learn:

  • Why no freelance trainer can afford to ignore this approach as a method of getting business

  • A simple and proven structure to use when making calls – it works!

  • How to introduce yourself effectively

  • The importance of using the right language – what words use and what to avoid

How Do You Get Your Hands On This Great Information?
The cost of this information packed 60 Minute Webinar is just £29!

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