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Sharon Gaskin

Have you been thinking about developing online training as part of your business model?

Online training is a great way to add value and increase your attractiveness to clients and potential clients through offering flexibility, convenience and choice.  It can also provide you with an additional and passive income stream – one that doesn’t always mean trading time for money. 

If you:

  • Feel you should be offering online training but don’t know where to start 

  • Keep making vague commitments to do it but are no further on  

  • Are overwhelmed by the thought of the technology involved 

  • Scared of wasting money on investing in the wrong platforms and equipment 

  • Are motivated by the thought of developing a passive income stream 


Then this Webinar is for you!

On this Webinar I’ve joined forces with online training expert Ginette Tessier.   Ginette has been involved in corporate training for more than a decade and started getting more heavily involved in offering online training when she set up her own business towards the end of 2014 after more than 22 years of corporate life. Following some successful (and not so successful!) course launches, she founded the Online Training Index – a professional online course review service – designed to help trainers prove (and improve) their course quality, and help learners find true value for their investment.

In this practical 60 Minute training session recording you’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate online training into your business 

  • The pros and cons of offering online training 

  • How to make smart technology investments – what’s essential to buy and what isn’t 

  • How to overcome your personal gremlins when delivering training online ( for example using video and audio) 

  • The key differences between classroom and online training and how it impacts design and delivery 

How Do You Get Your Hands On This Great Information?
The cost of this information packed 60 Minute Webinar is just £29!

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