How To Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business – Online Programme

Coming Soon in 2018 


A unique 8 week intensive programme, designed and personally led by Sharon Gaskin, Founder of The Trainers Training Company, the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create successful and profitable training businesses!! 

Does this sound like YOU? 


You are thinking of going freelance but are terrified of giving up your reliable salary in exchange for an uncertain one – especially in the current economic climate 

• You find the idea of running a training business overwhelming and don’t know how to get started 

• You are already a freelance trainer but struggle with getting direct clients and corporate business 

• You are an extremely busy trainer but are not making anywhere near your financial targets 

• You are a confident trainer but feel daunted by the prospect of sales and marketing 

• You are on the feast and famine treadmill – feeling stressed out by too much work or stressed out by no work at all 


If so …. you are definitely NOT ALONE and I’m here to help!! 

I’m Sharon Gaskin, I’m the founder of The Trainers Training Company which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses. 

After a 13 year successful corporate training career I took the plunge and went freelance in 2001. In my early days as a freelance trainer, I found things incredibly hard. I hated the whole idea of marketing and selling, the constant pressure of trying to get work and the uncertainty of knowing if I would get any money from 1 month to the next. I got disillusioned with going to networking events that didn’t get me anywhere. I used to despair about how I would ever get corporate clients and breakaway from low value associate work. 

Quite frankly – I was a good trainer but I didn’t know anything about running a training business. After a while I decided to put together a system that would help me turn my training business around. I wanted to breakaway from associate work and start getting my own corporate clients. I wanted to be able to get clients whenever I needed them. I wanted to create income streams that I could depend on. 

Once I created my system, things changed. I started to enjoy marketing. I was able to get clients whenever I went to networking events. And my clients were willing to pay my fees, because they realized how much value they were getting by working with me! My system helped me build up a successful training business with clients such as Zurich, Huntswood, Europ Assistance and Lloyds. 

You will learn my whole system for creating a successful training business during this programme. 

Since starting The Trainers Training Company 7 years ago I have trained and mentored hundreds of freelance trainers and helped them to start or turn their training businesses around. 

Here’s what some past participants on the programme have said… 

I highly recommend this programme whatever stage you are at with your business. Sharon builds your knowledge systematically and logically. The course covers areas not always spoken about but are essential to long term success including how much to charge and how to build a platform for promotion. Having run a business previously I know the value of good information and I consider this course a worthwhile investment.  

--Sian Young

I am very pleased I decided to take part in the Online programme. I had thought about it for a while but now wish I’d done it sooner as I think it has positively benefitted myself and my business in many ways. I think the biggest impact is around my charging and selling, something I really struggled with before the programme. I am now much clearer over what to charge and why which makes everything much easier! My business has definitely had a growth spurt since! Sharon’s wealth of experience and straight talking have been so helpful! I am also now linked to a bunch of fabulous people in the same boat - no more lonely trainer syndrome!  

--Emma Williams

Emma Williams

I attended the online course run by Sharon Gaskin. It was an 8 week online course on how to become a freelance trainer. I thoroughly enjoyed the webinars as this enable me to do the course when it was convenient for me. There were lots of tips and practical advice which is what I was looking for as before the programme I didn’t know where to start finding this information such as how to network, pro’s and con’s of freelance and associate work. I have learnt a lot Sharon and have put a lot of it into practice, thank you. I was even head hunted on linkedIn after I had updated my LinkedIn profile and was offered some associate work which has given me the boost I needed to seek further freelance/associate work. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to go freelance, the programme is invaluable.

--Jill Whyte 

I joined Sharon’s online programme after being recommended by another trainer who had been to one of Sharon’s workshops. I had attended many training events previously and felt that I wasn’t really getting anywhere. Sharon’s webinars are fantastic, easy to understand with loads of valuable information and really helpful follow up worksheets. I found the continuity helped to keep me focused and because Sharon had been there and done it herself she shared her own experiences which gave me assurance and opened my eyes as to what I really could achieve if I believed in myself. Since finishing the programme I have become far more proactive, have made numerous contacts, joined different groups and at the moment am in talks with some large corporations. I can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone thinking of starting their own training business. Thank you Sharon for giving me the confidence to ‘just do it’. 

--Liz Ashton

Liz Ashton

Sharon’s online programme, has been challenging, stimulating, practical and more confidence inspiring than I can say. As a new freelance trainer it felt as if this course had been designed specifically for me. It answered questions I didn’t even know I had and showed me how to move past the obstacles that were blocking my progress. Each session felt like a download of pure gold! My motivation to go after success has increased with my confidence and I now feel I have the knowledge and skills to make it happen with doable steps to follow. I am recommending this course to all the trainers I meet and recommend it to you wherever you are in your business. You couldn’t make a better investment in your business than this! 

--Barbara Macnish 

I attended Sharon’s online ‘How To Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business’ programme run have since been working with her as my mentor. This in itself says a lot! 

Sharon packs an enormous amount of information into her 8 week programme. It is both very practical and at the same time inspiring. I have taken on board most of the key messages that Sharon gave through the training and these have definitely helped me to change my mindset and take action. 

Sharon is a great trainer, empathetic, knowledgeable, and she has a fun way of presenting. I would certainly recommend this programme to any trainer whether you are already experienced and wanting to take your business up a level or are new to training. 

--Barbara Wilson 

Full of fantastic tips on how to get in front of buyers and how to identify a fee that you know you’re worthy of. I have already put into place many of my own personal actions that I set for myself and know that I will continue to improve and develop my client base and increase my revenue streams. If you get the chance to go on one of Sharon’s courses grab it with both hands. 

--Stuart Harris 

I’ve created a FABULOUS 8 week Online Training Programme where you will discover: 


How you can avoid the struggles and challenges that most freelance trainers come up against 

• The one thing you can do which will really get you excited about selling and marketing and spur you into action, immediately

• Specific techniques that will bring in a steady stream of clients 

• How to stop wasting time, money and energy on marketing methods that don’t produce results and start using the ones that do 

• A proven system for getting direct clients and corporate business 

• How to get clients to come to you – even in this market 

• How to use social media to build your profile and get known for what you do 

• Why it is vitally important to charge what you are worth if you want to have a sustainable business 

• Advice on how to work out what to charge so that you stay competitive without going broke 

• How to get associate work that is worth doing 

• Advice on how to get paid what you are worth, every time 

Here’s what people are saying….

I would really recommend Sharon Gaskin to other freelance trainers who are starting off in business or wanting to review and reflect on their work. Sharon has a wealth of experience and is able to provide tips, ideas and useful perspectives on developing and maintaining a training business. She is a really warm, enthusiastic and responsive trainer and her training on Creating a Successful and Sustainable Business is the best piece of CPD I have had in years! 

--Joanne Miles 

I took Sharon's online version of her training, largely because the practicalities of getting to a live version were beyond me and - frankly - because I hoped that if there was enough material to make the course worthwhile the single day available in the live courses wouldn't be sufficient. 

I wasn't wrong. 

There's lots of material, all of it good, some of it exceptional. What you get out of it depends, of course, on where you are in your business, but I can't imagine there's anyone who'd not get enough out of it to justify the time and the money: I certainly did! 

--Simon Raybould 

I really enjoyed my weekly rendezvous with Sharon, over the eight weeks of the course. Being at the very start of setting up a training business, the course appeared to be just what I needed! It was please that some of the content reflected my own thoughts – I was on the right track! However, I was delighted to learn so much that was new to me; to be encouraged, tested and pushed to think specifically about how I would apply the learning and achieve my aims. Sharon’s warm, welcoming and friendly nature made, what could have been a chore, an absolute pleasure. I found the lessons to be well structured, with a natural flow that reflected Sharon’s personality. I’m now armed with strategies to apply/adapt and an excellent structure on which to base my business: I go forward motivated and enthused! 

Thank you, Sharon. 

--Mark Forsbury 

I very definitely recommend Sharon Gaskin’s course “How to Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business. Having amassed some experience of running my own business, I recognised that the best place to pick up the skills to move forward would be on this course. I participated in the webinar version, held over 8 weeks, and found both the training and the thinking time between each session very helpful. 

I’ve already seen some green shoots of potential only three weeks after the course ended. 

--Ian Crossley 

I have completed Sharon's online course How to Create a Successful and Profitable Training Business. The course was packed full of really useful and accessible information and has helped me to get focused on the important aspects of running a business that are easy to forget about when you get caught up in day to day activities. Sharon is very generous with sharing her knowledge and experience and takes the time to make you feel she is there to support you along the journey. 

--Alex Langridge 


When does the programme start? 

Coming soon in 2018


How exactly does the programme work? 

There are 8 live Webinars, every Tuesday evening at 19:00 UK Time. All webinars are recorded so you don’t have to worry if you can’t attend live. There are 6 content specific training webinars covering essential strategies you need to know to develop a successful training business and 2 Live Q and A Webinars where you can ask me about any issue you are finding a challenge plus check in with others on the programme. 


What does the programme cover? 


The Secrets of Success – The biggest Challenges and Struggles That Freelance Trainers Come Up Against and How You Can Avoid them 

• Top mistakes that freelancers make in their businesses and how to avoid them 

• Why you must create a foundation for your training business in order to be successful 

• Key steps you must take before you even think about going out and networking! 

• The 1 extremely important mindshift that you must make to become a successful freelance trainer 

• Proven techniques for making your training business successful right from the start 


How to Love Selling and Marketing 

• Limiting beliefs trainers have about selling and marketing 

• How to use the skills you already have to make more sales 

• The 1 thing you can do that will transform your approach to selling and marketing 

• A useful structure you can use for meeting with potential clients 

• Specific marketing methods you can use in your business 

• How to work out which marketing methods are right for you and will get you results 


How To Work Out What To Charge 

• Why most freelance trainers worry about fees and what you can do about it 

• 6 reasons why you should charge what you are worth right from the start 

• How to decide on a price for a piece of work 

• How to charge what you are worth and get hired 


How To Get Direct Clients and Corporate Business 

• Why you SHOULD and CAN get corporate clients 

• How to save time, money and energy by making sure you are meeting the right people for your business 

• 4 key strategies that will help you to meet training decision makers – without resorting to cold calling 

• Results of my survey of Training Managers and Buyers of Training – what strategies get their attention and how do they source training providers? 


How To Get Clients To Come To You 

• Why clients will come to you and how you can attract them 

• Why clients buy solutions and how you can convince them you have what they need 

• The best way to get referrals, recommendations and introductions 

• How to get recognised as an expert 

• How to build your profile and get known for what you do 


How to Get Associate Work 

• How to decide if associate work is right for you – what you need to know before you go jumping in! 

• How to find associate opportunities without overwhelm – 5 simple strategies you can use to track training companies down 

• How to access if a particular training company is a good match for you and your skills – as well as your bank balance! 

• How to make a speculative approach to a training company confidently and with purpose – the best way of getting your foot in the door 

• How to increase your chances of being successful in getting associate work – what turns training companies off and what they look for in potential associates 

• How to stand out in the crowded marketplace 

• The 1 thing you must do if you want to make a massive difference to your success rate of getting work as an associate – guaranteed! 

BONUS pre recorded Webinar

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Training Business 

• Why freelance trainers should be using social media as part of their marketing mix 

• The best social media platforms to use to to get business 

• How to formulate a strategy that works for you 

• How to establish and maintain visibility on social media 

• How to build valuable online relationships that will help you get more clients 


You will also receive detailed notes and slides from each Webinar 

They are a written version of the classes and you will be able to use them to review all the strategies that I discuss to make sure you don’t miss anything out. 


I have created worksheets for every Webinar to help you learn the concepts better and take notes as you go along. 

In these worksheets there are also additional exercises for you to do which will help you think through the points discussed in the Webinar, apply them to your own business and produce a simple Action Plan. 

I want you to get maximum value from the programme by turning all your ideas and thoughts into ACTION.


I have also built 2 Live Q&A Sessions into the Programme. These will give you the opportunity to hop onto a live Webinar and discuss any of the topics I’m covering in more detail, especially as they relate to your own personal situation. A great chance to get to know other people on the programme too and learn from the answers to their questions too!! 


A private community of freelance trainers – a great place to ask questions, get advice, share information, and get support. 

I know that part of the reason you are interested in this programme is that you’re either just starting out or want to make more money in your business. 


 I’ve made the programme super affordable for you because I want you to: 

• Have a clear plan on the things you need to do to develop and grow your business, it’s easy when you know how! 

• Get focused, stop worrying and over thinking and start taking ACTION 

Feel supported and encouraged by other people who face the same business challenges as you do and are willing to help you every step of the way – this includes me! 

Feel confident in yourself and your business – you can do this but you need to believe it! 


If you are really serious about creating a successful and profitable training business then I would like to encourage you to take action as soon as you can and not put it off until next time. 

Yes, sign me up now!

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Are You Ready To Get Started and Fast Track Your Way To a Successful and Profitable Training Business? 

Yes – I want to learn how to create a successful and profitable training business. I understand that I will get all of this: 

• Access to Recordings of Business Building Webinars 

• Worksheets for each Webinar with additional exercises and Action Plans 

• 2 Live Q&A Sessions 

• Access to a Private Forum 


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